Helping organisations improve human experiences through innovative business technology 


Tinker Makes Perfect is a consulting firm specialised in business technologies. We help organisations across all sectors to put data and software at the service of their staff and customers. 

In today’s world, customers and other business stakeholders expect to be in control of the information they receive and how they receive it, and teams have to stretch to handle more data than ever before. Businesses can’t be competitive without automation. 

We take a human-first approach to solution design, helping our clients to reduce frustration and increase productivity through technologies such as Marketing Automation, CRM, Analytics and Ai, to avoid repetitive tasks and deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

Always with the goal of improving the experience of the people. 

Our team has worked on enterprise projects for over a decade and takes personal interest in bringing that expertise to companies that want to make a positive impact. Talk to us if you are curious to know the specifics of what we do. 

In a nutshell

Our focus areas

Business Operations

Business Operations

Simplifying and automating core processes for your team dramatically increases team satisfaction and performance.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Businesses are only as good as their data. A robust integration, data quality, and easy access are key to strategic decision making.

CRM Infrastructure

CRM Infrastructure

CRM Systems are the central hub of your customer data, an essential tool to Sales, Support and Marketing functions.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Reactive and personalised communication is the secret sauce in engaging and getting the most out of your client database.


Meet our team

Ivan Bravo

Founder / Technical Architect

Pádraig Walsh

Change Consultant

Eve Scragg

Digital Specialist

Sarah Impey

Email Strategist