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Tinker The System

We want to simplify automated marketing for small organisations who care about making an impact.
TTS is our way of supporting them, a managed service designed for small companies including:

  • Professional software used by giants like Twinnings, David Lloyd or Hyundai.

  • Consulting and implementation hours every month to configure the software for your business needs. 

  • Self-Service access to analytics and pre-configured campaigns so you can also use it independently.
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What is Tinker Makes Perfect

Tinker Makes Perfect is a consultancy specialised in business technologies. We help organisations across all sectors to put data and software at the service of their people. 

TMP takes a human-first approach to solution design, helping our clients to avoid frustration and increase productivity by leveraging technologies such as Marketing Automation, CRM, Analytics and Ai, to reduce repetitive tasks and deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. Always with the goal of improving the experience of the people. 

Our team has worked on enterprise projects for over a decade and takes personal interest in bringing that expertise to companies that want to make a positive impact. Talk to us if you are curious to know the specifics of what we do. 

What technologies can you help with?

We help business and non-profit organisations leverage CRM (Customer Relationship Management),  Marketing Automation, Analytics and Data Visualisation, Data Integration and more. 

Our focus are technologies that help people communicating better with each other, and simplifying their work. 

What is Tinker The System?

TTS is our new managed service we have designed for small companies which includes software, professional services and self-service access for your teams, all under one single subscription.

What kind of company do you work with?

We work with organisations of all sizes and industries, private sector or non for profit...

No company is too small to benefit from CRM and Marketing Automation, and with our managed services even small companies can access these technologies without the overhead that requires to manage them in-house. 

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